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cost planning

Cost planning is essential to ensure that Clients are receiving the best possible value for money on their project.

It should commence at the earliest possible stage of the project with the establishment of a realistic budget which is monitored throughout the design and construction phases of the project.

Good cost planning ensures that the project team is always fully informed of the cost implications of the design, enabling proactive cost management of the project.

At Goeldner Consulting we work with the project team at project conception to develop a realistic project budget. Estimates are updated and become more detailed throughout the design development and actual costs are reviewed/monitored during the construction phase.

Our cost planning services include:

  • Concept/feasibility estimates
  • Elemental cost estimates
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Tender Reviews
  • Contract Reviews
  • Progress reports including cost to complete
  • Variation assessments and negotiation
  • Financial reports
  • Cash flow analysis

When the project concept is being developed, contact Goeldner Consulting for professional and innovative cost planning advice that will assist you in realising the best possible value for your project.


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